DefShop. Got Skillz. Got Styles.

DefShop is one of the biggest Online Shop for Hip Hop clothing in Europe. Here, you can also find a trendy assortment of Streetwear, Skate- and Fashion highlights.

DefShop displays the perfect combination between lifestyle and music. Hip Hop is not just a trend, it is a lifetime attitude.
In order to create your own style, DefShop provides you every known brand and their elegant accessoires. Of course, we only provide original brands. To start with Adidas, Bjoerkvin, Boxfresh, to Converse, Dada Supreme,Dangerous DNGRS, till DC, Famous Stars and Straps, Joker or K1X, Nike, Notorious BIG, Vans, Yakuza Ink and Zoo York, just to give you a little impression. We almost provide every established brands possible.

DefShop from tip to toe

Defshop provides everything to style your favorite look.
Besides basics such Baggies, Hoodies, Tees and Sneaker, we also offer a good number of Accessiores such as Caps,
Belts, Bags, Skillclipz and Jewelry.

Style emphasizes your authenticity.
Thats why DefShop is always open for new influences and styles.
With the priority to sell hip and qualitative products
for a low price, DefShop is setting new standards 
in the world of Hip-,Street-, and Fashion Clothing.
Beyond that, we also provide fresh Urban-
and Skatewear, so that you can highlight.
your skills with your style.

Defshop is so Def

We only offer original products, which we receive directly from the disributor. Since we order bigger amounts, we can take advantage of the frequency discount and offer you the products for a low price.

You get a „Best Price Guarantee“ on every article in our shop. This means, if you see the same identical product for a lower price in a different shop, we guarantee you a 10% discount on the lower price you found.

Besides to our regular shipping, you can also choose „Quick Shipment“. Our inventory is placed in Berlin and includes all the articles which are listed in our shop.

Thanks to our short paths, we can introduce the new brands to you first. The assortment of DefShop is constantly growing and includes already more than 15.000 artciles, which we offer you for a low price.